Monk Sherborne Parish Registers Transcriptions


Monk Sherborne Parish Register Transcripts

This page is a temporary home for transcripts of the Parish Records of All Saints Church in Monk Sherborne.

The release contains over 260 years between 1618 1880. These ranges have generated over 2,300 baptisms, 1450 burials and 600 marriages. The transcriptions have been limited by the fact that the registers for events before 1618 have been lost.

There are likely to be two types of errors in the transcriptions. There are the Transcribers personal errors and with no collaborators there was no chance these would be found. The second much larger group of errors are poor or feint handwriting in the registers. Often the Transcriber has been able to decode the writing but where this has failed or produced clearly incorrect transcriptions, the Transcriber has marked the entry with (?). This makes it easy to find the offending entries and so I would welcome any feedback where someone can decode the poor handwriting or my errors.

I can be contacted at this email address.

The Transcripts are available below as pdf documents :-


All Saints Monk Sherborne Baptisms 1618-1880


All Saints Monk Sherborne Marriages 1618-1880


All Saints Monk Sherborne Burials 1618-1880


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