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Weeke Schools

Henry Beaufort

Henry Beaufort was built in 1971 to serve the new developments created by the new Teg Down, Weeke Manor and Harestock estates. In the first year of opening the school had a full compliment of year 7 children and about half a year 8 compliment. The school grow each year until 1975 it had a full 5 years of intake. The first headmaster was Mr Hubert who remained headmaster until 1990 when he retired. He was replaced by Mr D. Dickinson who was head for about 10 years. He left in 2000 to return to his roots in Northern England. He was replaced by Mr Jonathan de Sausmarez, who has been headmaster ever since.

Western Primary

With the growing population in Weeke and particularly in the Fulflood area the creation of a church school called Western C of E School was built in Elms Road in 1878. When it was opened girls from St Thomas School transferred to Western school. The senior boys at St Thomas were to be moved to the new school that was built to be built in Mews Lane in 1894. With the reorganisation of Winchester education in 1921 Western became an elementary school and thus to a primary school (HRO 82M89W/1). The school continued until the early 1970s when it was moved to its present site further from Winchester city in Browning Drive when this housing area was developed. The old building remained and was used as an educational centre for teachers in the Winchester area. In 1997 it was finally sold and converted into flats and is now called ‘Bankside House’.

Weeke Primary

Weeke Primary School was opened in 1957 to mainly meet the needs of the Weeke Manor Estate. Due to the ever increasing child population, a new Infant School opened in 1961 (HRO 37M88). When pupil numbers decreased again in the late 1980s, Weeke was returned to a 5-11 Primary School in September 1987, and the formerly separate Weeke Infant School and Weeke Junior School were amalgamated. The redundant Infant school was taken up by Peters Symonds College and is now the Adult Education Centre (ACE).

Harestock Primary

Harestock Primary school was built in 1967 and opened to meet the needs of the Harestock Estate that was being built (HRO H/CL8/633). The school consisted of two schools, one for infants and the other for juniors. With the reorganisation of primary education in Weeke in 1987, Harestock was reduced to a single school like Weeke Primary and the infant buildings were sold and replaced with housing.

Greenacres Special School

It was a Mixed school of Non Denominational religion. In 1999 it was announced that Greenacres, as a special needs school would close in 2002 and be replaced by Osborne a new school (opened 2003) which was built on the Lankhills site. Greenacres site was to be used by the ‘Medecroft Opportunity Centre for nursery children with special educational needs.

Lanterns Nursery School

This was opened December 2005 and provides nursery education for 30 mainstream pre-school children and 25 with special educational needs.

The project was developed as part of a major reorganisation of special needs education in the Winchester and Eastleigh area and has replaced Medecroft Opportunity Centre and the nursery at St Bede's CofE Primary School. The cost of building the centre was funded by a government grant and the sale of surplus County Council land, including the former Greenacres School. The project was also supported by a significant donation from the Friends of Medecroft Opportunity Centre.

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